Introducing LogoTech-4-Students USB Flash Drives Donation Program

Mar 14, 2013 in 03:43 PM | Posted By Nikita Nersesov

Over the years we have received thousands of inquiries for USB flash drives from various school organizations all across America. Unfortunately a percentage of them were working with tight budgets and weren't able to finalize their order. In some cases, teachers were inquiring about the flash drives and willing to use their own money to provide them for their class. Students today are required to have a USB flash drive for completing homework assignments, group projects, activities, etc. Many of them fall behind by not having the means for this important piece of technology. We are aware that school budgets are tight and family budgets are even tighter. We also know that we can't fix the issue as a whole but want to help as much as we can.

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We here at are proud to introduce the LogoTech-4-Students Program. Every month a qualifying school will receive a donation of 50 USB flash drives imprinted with their logo, text, or mascot. The school officials will then use the flash drives as they see fit.

Schools may submit themselves for the LogoTech-4-Students Program by filling out the form on the LogoTech website, or by clicking here. All applicants are asked to provide a few sentences with their application explaining why their school should be considered. On the fifteenth of every month, the LogoTech committee will select a new school that will receive the personalized flash drives. All entries and essays must be submitted to LogoTech no later than the twelfth of each month.