Fire ladder truck USB flash drive

Feb 11, 2019 in 02:30 PM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Fire ladder truck USB flash drive

Have you ever wondered why October was picked as Fire Prevention Month? Or why the second week in October is Fire Prevention Week? It’s not because that month is more likely to see fires. It’s because of the Great Chicago Fire which started on October 8, 1871.

Whether the infamous fire, which killed as many as 300 people and destroyed more than 17.500 buildings, was the fault of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow knocking over a lantern or just a very bad drought that year is up for debate.

What isn’t up for debate is how important the month is for fire departments who use the month to promote events, educating families about fire safety and emergency planning. Fire truck USB flash drives are a smart way to share department-specific information with your community while promoting everything your department does for its residents.

We’ve done fire trucks, fire engines and ladder trucks for fire departments across the country. Other designs for the fire safety industry have included fire extinguishers, sprinklers and fire helmets. Whether you are looking for USB drives for community events, for your Fire Explorer cadet recognition, or for your department’s open house, we have the perfect USB stick for you.

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