FedEx mail box USB flash drive

Mar 12, 2019 in 10:37 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
FedEx mail box USB flash drive

I love my mail carrier. He understands someone in my house has a serious online shopping habit. Instead of leaving the packages at the front door along a busy street (and trust me, we get a LOT of packages), he brings them to the back door.

Yes, you can ask for that service from all the major carriers through their online portals. Not all of the drivers apparently read that request.

That attention to detail by my carrier shows just how fierce the competition for customer retention is among the courier delivery service companies. Between FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL – the top package and mail delivery services in the U.S. – customers have options to choose from and will pick the service that caters to specific needs.

Just walk outside any corporate office park and see the options. All four top U.S. services typically have drop boxes – ones that look much like this one – ready to take your packages to their destinations anywhere in the world.

Now, I am not suggesting every package delivery service order drop box USB drives from us to give to every one of their customer. I mean, if you want to, please, yes. We will do that for you.

But perhaps crafting your drop boxes as a USB drive as part of your holiday employee presents, gifts for longevity awards, or as a retirement token would go a long way to show you appreciate your staff.

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