E-Book USB Flash Drive

Jun 12, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
E-Book USB Flash Drive

Publishers – independent and self-published writers – love our custom e-book USB flash drives.

When e-readers first arrived on the market, a lot of noise was made about how they’d kill traditional publishing. Since those early years, however, sales of physical books have actually rebounded and increased. Digital book e-readers have made way for tablet computers which are are much more multi-functional. Many models come with USB ports.

Still, publishing changed a lot in just a few years. It’s easier than ever for aspiring writers to self-publish using e-books, either through services like Amazon or via USB drives.

For audiobooks, the USB can be plugged directly into a car’s port to listen while driving, no download needed. The book’s title can be done in a raised, beveled lettering not available on standard drives. You are giving the reader something they will want to hold onto and continue reusing.

If you are looking to publish, we have a standard, slider book USB flash drive which allows two-sided color imprinting.

Ready to get published? Visit our custom book USB drives page, submit a quick form, and our design team will make the perfect drive for your manuscript.