Witch Hat USB Flash Drive

Feb 05, 2020 in 11:14 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Witch Hat USB Flash Drive

"Yer a wizard, Harry!" — Hagrid

Show clients you are a wizard of industry with custom witch hat USB flash drives.

This client helps companies build a diverse workforce. They are magicians at that, helping qualified candidates match companies who need them. They find the right potion, mixing the knowledge and experience that comes from a diverse workforce with the needs of clients.

Like the sorting hat from the Harry Potter books, the company matches candidates with the business. Their custom USB drives ensure clients know what they need to get started. Sort of like a Hogwarts acceptance letter. They can list what documentation clients need to move their careers forward.

Ready to use custom USB flash drives to find the right candidates for your business? Request a quote today. Like magic, one of our account managers will call. They will help you craft the right drive for your needs.