Truss System USB drive

Apr 15, 2019 in 02:30 PM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Truss System USB drive

Two companies, serving different clients – and equally players in their industries – had similar needs for a custom USB flash drive.

One customer manufactures truss systems for live events like concerts and trade shows and was looking for a custom truss USB drive to match its product. The second client builds warehouses and outfits them with the racking systems they need to ship and send product to clients.

The USB drives they came up with are very similar, as is how these companies can use them: giving them out your drives at industry trade shows and as a promotional item for customers. Also, pre-load your catalog onto the USB drives to hand out to existing clients, too.

We can take pretty much any image, any shape, any logo or design and make a 3D replica of your product, scaled to hold a USB drive. Yes, the sky is the limit. The only limit is your imagination. Whatever you can imagine, we can bring to life.

Yes, you have heard all that before. But it’s true.

Get more details and request a quote on our custom shape usb drive page and our personal account managers will get you started on finding the right USB drive to move your businesses forward.