City Bus USB flash drive

Jun 03, 2019 in 02:00 PM | Posted By Janelle W.
City Bus USB flash drive In the transportation industry electric, battery-powered buses are no longer a futuristic dream. Many large city and regional transit agencies are working towards having fully battery-powered fleets. Industry experts say by 2030 as many as 50-60 percent of municipal buses will run on electricity alone. For agencies making the move to fully electric powered buses, getting information to its advertising partners and ridership is an important part of its overall marketing strategy. Bus manufacturers and contracted transit providers, who know their buses are not only running on clean energy but also lower overall maintenance and operating costs, also need to get that information to transit authority boards in a usable and reliable way. We have created custom city bus USB flash drives for both sides as a way to drive those efforts forward. Not only do custom USB thumb drives make a nice handout to riders, they are a smart way to get information into the right hands at the right time – much like your dial-a-ride programs. Hand these out at events marketing your services, pre-loaded with information for users – be it transit fare or route schedules or videos showing how your buses operate for other users. Ready to jump into using USB drives to better-market your transit services? Fill out a quick form today, and our expert designers will create a bus you and your clients will use as often as they do your services.