7 Industries Using USB Flash Drives for Promotions

Oct 12, 2018 in 09:43 AM | Posted By William Smith

7 Industries Using USB Flash Drives for Promotions (And How They’re Using Them)

It’s easy to think that USB flash drives don’t have much to offer other than their tech capabilities, but there are, in fact, several creative ways to incorporate them into any of your marketing campaigns. Different industries can take advantage of them, and all kinds of target audiences will find promotional USB drives beneficial.

USB flash drives are powerful and versatile promotional products. They fit any marketing or advertising event. Whether it’s for a product launch or a business conference, they can have a role to play in your campaign.

Almost every consumer owns a computer, making these flash drives highly in demand. It’s one of the most common tools to store and transfer data. They have high perceived value, which should encourage recipients to reciprocate the gesture by purchasing a company’s product. Best of all, they are customizable. You can come up with a design to match your brand, making your company more memorable in the eyes of consumers. Now that you know how valuable USB flash drives are for promotions, the important question for you as an entrepreneur is this: How can you amp up the effectiveness of your campaigns by utilizing them? To maximize the potential of USB flash drives, you need to come up with innovative ways to incorporate them into your campaign. For that reason, we came up with this article to provide you with insights and creative uses for USB drives. Here’s how seven different industries are using them and how they’re benefiting from them:

#1 Financial Institutions

Conference Giveaways

Banks and financial institutions use customized USB drives to distribute information at conferences or seminars. Instead of providing attendees with folders and binders detailing the presentation materials so participants may review them after the event. USB cards are a popular design choice. They are perfect for branding as the USBs can mimic ATM cards. At the same time, the front and back parts of the card give banks enough space to convey their promotional message.

Quarterly Reports

Banks are rapidly going paper free. They’ve become more conscious of their impact on our environment. Aside from seminars and conferences, banks and financial institutions are quickly going digital for their quarterly reports. USB drives have provided them with a very convenient way to transition from paper-centric to digitalized processes.

Promotional Gifts

Banks and financial institutions have a long-standing tradition of gifting important clients and prospects with customized items. For years, pens have been their go-to branded promotional product. But these days, you can see more banks giving away USB drives. It shouldn’t come as a surprise given their high utility. Since flash drives are highly customizable, banks can do more than just add their logo to the item. Take Chase bank and their block-shaped custom USB drive as an example. The following link has more ideas on custom shaped USB drive for the finance industry.

#2 Education


Schools, colleges, and universities are also leveraging flash drives to promote their institutions. At career fairs, they give prospective students USB drives that contain important information about their school and their programs. To further encourage prospects to enroll, these educational establishments would have their flash drives customized. They often come in the form of a book, a school bus, pens and rulers.. Some go all the way and have their drives shaped as the school’s logo or mascot. Another popular choice for education recruitment giveaways are branded USB lanyards. The lanyards serve a dual purpose. Students use it to display school pride and store important files like course offerings, financial aid links, local business directories and more.


During orientation week, schools hand out papers, flyers, and brochures detailing the school’s history, programs, etc. Instead of wasting all that paper, you can opt to distribute USB flash drives. This way, freshmen can easily find whatever it is that they need to know about their school in digital format. After orientation, they can use the flash drives for academic purposes. They can keep their homework in digital form. If they leave behind or lose their papers, they can just print new copies in the computer lab.

Organizations and Fundraising

Student organizations and other groups will find customized USB flash drives an attractive option for their recruitment and fundraising needs. For example, a sorority once used USB wristbands for admission to a recruiting event. The sorority opted to preload a video highlighting their history of community service and academic excellence. That, paired with their sorority logo imprinted on the sleek wristband, was wildly effective in raising brand awareness.


Campuses and independently operated bookstores find USB drives to be a strong selling item. Custom shaped usb drives like this book shaped USB drive for Loyola, or the notebook shaped USB drive for Roosevelt are great examples of what works well for our clients in the education sector. Custom shaped mascot USB drives are also a very popular option for bookstores.

#3 Transportation

Promotional gifts

If you own a transport company, logistics or trucking business, you can amp up your marketing plan with promotional USB drives. You can send them as gifts to loyal patrons. You can make these items look like big rig trucks, and then you can add promotional videos and documents to reinforce your marketing efforts.

But for those who aren’t involved with the car industry, you can always go for a custom-shaped plane, boat, container or train flash drive. The company logo and other important business information may be printed on them to raise brand awareness.

#4 Automotive


Whether you run a car dealership, body shop, auto parts store, or car rental services, these customized flash drives are a great way to get attention. Flaunting your company’s name and logo on the surface makes it easier for consumers to remember your business. But they’ll certainly never forget about your services if you take your marketing efforts up a notch. You can get USB flash drives in the shape of any make and model car out there, or any automotive accessory like key fobs, imprinted with your logo. If you want something that isn’t listed on our automotive industry USB drives page, please request a custom shape, and our talented design team will gladly build it!

#5 Healthcare

Manuals and Interactive Guides

Whenever new complex products are introduced to medical institutions, professionals would learn how to operate them through manuals, booklets or interactive demos. But nowadays, these instruction guides are slowly being replaced by flash drives. This way, they can go over their notes whenever they need to, especially when the USB flash drives are lanyards or wristbands.

Product Launches

Aside from utilizing USB flash drives for instructional materials, the healthcare industry is also using them to promote new products. Digital catalogs of the latest products are placed in the USBs, and they are mailed to existing clients. Others are utilizing USB brochures. Once accessed, clients are redirected to an online page where they can purchase the products.

Promotional Gifts

Hospitals can show their patients and staff how much they appreciate them by gifting them customized USBs. They can place reminders and patient tasks that are necessary when they leave the hospital. Kids will love them especially when they are tailored to match pediatric professions. Logotech has built a number of custom shapes for our healthcare industry partners that include hearts, lungs, pill bottles and more. Browse the catalog of medical industry USB drives for more ideas.

#6 Travel and Tourism

Promotional Gifts

Travel agencies and airline companies can raise brand awareness by giving away personalized USB sticks. The gesture won’t go unnoticed since flash drives can be remarkably useful when traveling. For instance, people can use it to store personal information such as emergency contact numbers, booking confirmations, and travel insurance details. They can use it to make a backup of the day’s photos.

Travel agencies can turn their promotional flash drives into mini cars, boats, and airplanes so they are on brand. But if you really want your name to be remembered, you can turn these thumb drives into something more useful for travelers. You can turn them into custom iPhone chargers, carabiners, or bottle openers. You can also go for simpler designs like a lanyard or a wristband so they can carry them around effortlessly in case they want to get in touch with your company.

Keepsakes and Memories

Many tourist activity businesses like scuba diving, helicopter tours, safari rides and skydiving are using these drives not just for promotional purposes, but as a way to provide their client memorable photos and videos from their trip. One skydiving company was able to increase revenue by uploading GoPro video footage of their client’s jump and selling the drives as a keepsake package. Another great example is ski resorts using custom flash drives for their guests to put pictures from the slopes and ski lifts on.

#7 Music and Entertainment

Album Launches

Artists all over the world are now using USB flash drives to launch new albums. They are also doing it to relaunch existing albums, and so far, it’s proven to be a creative way of getting consumers into buying music instead of downloading them for free on the internet. If you are releasing new tracks, you can turn your personalized USB drives into wristbands, which fans can then wear at concerts or meet-and-greets. Aside from your music, you can add exclusive materials to encourage fans into purchasing your album. You can include videos, wallpapers, and photos.


All kinds of businesses are using USB flash drives to promote their products or their brand name. They are practical, effective and memorable. Since they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, they can complement any of your marketing campaigns, and they can add a little more pizzazz to your efforts. In an era where digital storage is valued highly by consumers, your promotional USB drives will be a hot commodity.