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Put a bow on your marketing plans with custom shoelaces.

An uncommon yet effective way to market your brand is with custom shoelaces! Think about it: every time you tie your shoes, you stare down at your laces for roughly five seconds.

Over the lifespan of a pair of shoelaces, that's a lot of time spent looking at non-branded fabric! Logotech offers wholesale shoelace customization to take advantage of this often-overlooked real estate.

Logotech's custom shoelaces are made with high-quality cloth and polyester and use sublimated printing to place your logo and messaging. We have a vast range of colors available and also offer PMS color matching so that we can fit your exact color scheme.

Custom shoelaces for your brand

Printed shoelaces are ideal for athletic events, fundraisers, and charity races.

For schools, customized shoelaces can be a great way to build school spirit! You can give them away at registration or sell them in the school store.

Logotech even offers light-up LED laces, a surefire way to get more eyes on your brand!

If your company promotes awareness months or campaigns, specifically-colored laces with your logo are a great way to voice that support.

Logotech's printed shoelaces are highly customizable, and our expert account managers are eager to assist you! Our customized shoelaces are available in bulk, so you can be sure you'll have enough for the whole team's shoes.

Do you want to see how your logo would look on our shoelaces? Create an account with Logotech, send in your design, and an account manager will reach out promptly with a free digital sample!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make my own shoelaces?

A: Producing custom shoelaces with Logotech is easy! Our website has a quick quote option and a buy option. When you've selected the laces you'd like, the site will prompt you for contact info and order details like color, quantity, and desired design. From there, one of our account managers will contact you to go over the details and finalize your sale. You can also call 1-(888) 244-5152 or use our website's chat function to get through to an account manager directly.

Q: What are no tie laces?

A: No tie laces are a new shoelace design that eliminates the need for tying knots. These laces are made with an elastic material and connect to a locking device at the top of the shoe, where the bow would normally be. The stretchy nature of the elastic allows the laces to pass easily through eyelets and compress or stretch as needed, turning any pair of shoes into a slip-on.

Q: Can I receive a sample of my customized shoelaces? 

A: Logotech offers digital and physical samples of your product. Contact your account manager or create an account for more details.

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