Trade Show Games Draw in Visitors.

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Find the trade show booth ideas to get noticed!

Looking for some trade show booth ideas that attract visitors to stay for awhile?

We have the fun trade show games to bring feet to your exhibition booth and stay awhile. These eye catching games are a step up from fishbowls and business card drawings to capture attendee information.

How can you use trade show booth games and carnival games to increase traffic?

The game boards and activities have dual purposes. Attendees want to play the game to win premium promotional products.

That brings them to your exhibition space booth. The guest must give you their email address and contact details to play. That brings your company more business leads!

When you make the games fun, or encourage them to try for a better prize later, they will keep coming back. That gives your event marketing staff more time to learn about the potential client and discuss how your business meets their needs.

Some of the interactive booth games include spin games, prize wheels, disk drop games (also known as Plinko), golf putting mats and bag toss boards.

Spin the wheel for prizes! Prize wheels are available in table top and stand alone versions to best fit your trade show booth design. We can custom imprint the wheel sections for you. A dry eraser board version means you can change prizes by the hour!

Disk drop games or Plinko chip boards encourage attendees to drop a disk on an inclined board. Whichever slot the disk falls on, they win. Those slots can be custom imprinted promotional products, or discounts on their first order.

Did they post their prize on social media? Offer trade show attendees another chance to win when they do!

Outdoor events or large booths may prefer bag toss games. If they hit the hole or score a point in the game, they can earn prizes.

Get a hole in one on the putt putt carpet? Win the big prize. These are a favorite for boat and outdoor show game booths.

Check out our complete collection for more booth ideas. Then send your logo. We will get you a free digital sample of your brand on the game board.

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