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Hand Sanitizer 1-Oz US Stock

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Order your Hand Sanitizer 1 oz with US Stock quickly as supplies are limited. This product has 75% alcohol content to kill 99% of illness-causing germs. Packaged in a plastic bottle with a blank sticker label on the front. Perfect size to keep in a pocket, backpack or in the car when soap and water are not nearby. Help prevent viral spread by keeping your hands clean when out in public.

Use of hand sanitizer is not guaranteed to prevent transmission of COVID-19 or any other virus.

Hand sanitizer is one tool to help prevent infection spread. Continue to follow CDC and local guidelines. Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, follow social distancing guidelines, wear a mask when in public and do not touch your face.
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Technical specifications

• Type: Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol, 1 oz.

• Item Dimension (inch): 1.18 x .98 x 3.03 in.

• Material: Sanitizer: Gel with 75% alcohol; Bottle: plastic

• Item Weight (g): 34

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Hand Sanitizer 1-Oz US Stock