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Customizable No Touch Tool Metal

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Keep fingers and hands away from germy surfaces with this Customizable No Touch Tool Metal. Attached to a keyring or badge holder, this bulk tool allows the user to open doors, punch keypads or call elevators without direct contact. The textured edge gives your thumb extra grip and helps grab and slide objects, too. Perfect for office buildings, checkout kiosks and the bank. Imprint with your name, logo or other contact information to sell or give away. Contact Logotech today for more information.

Use of a No Touch Tool cannot guarantee to prevent transmission of COVID-19 or any other virus.

These are one tool to help prevent infection. Continue to follow CDC and local health guidelines. Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, follow social distancing guidelines, wear a mask when in public and do not touch your face.
Customization options
Imprint Area: 18mm x 2mm
Technical specifications

• Material: Aloy Metal

• Colors: Gold, Silver, Gunmetal

• Dimensions: 70mm x 25mm x 4mm / 14g

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Customizable No Touch Tool Metal