Custom USB Drives for Transportation Industry

There's something for every type of transportation industry you are in. From school buses to cars, we have USB flash drives that are customized exactly how you want them! We can imprint the drives with your businesses company logo, phone number or other contact information, as well as producing custom shaped drives such as trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, helicopters and even spaceships! If you don't know what exactly you want for your drives, contact us today and our advanced design team will help make the perfect drive for your business and promotion plans

build your custom usb

Do you need a logo designed? We can help at no additional cost.

If you want to include your logo on a flash drive, but don't have one yet, we can help with that! No matter the industry - tour guides, transportation, photography, or even the public sector. We can provide logo design as part of the customization service*. Our graphic department has the knowledge and experience needed to create logos that will make your company noticed. It's fast and easy - we aim to provide a logo design for your approval within 24 hours.
*Keep in mind that fees may apply with more complicated projects.


Personalized Flash Drives for transportation industry

Not only can we make custom USB drives, but we also have the largest online inventory of regular and novelty USB drives that can be imprinted with your logo, or slogan. You can also save money and go paperless with your marketing materials uploaded directly on USB flash drives.

Promotional USB drives for automotive industry

Do you work in the automotive industry? Whether you are own a dealership, are a mechanic or are limousine transport company, we have you covered! We can create the perfect unique and custom USB drives that you need to take your marketing plan to the next level!

Customized Flash drives for logistics companies

Work in hauling or have a tow truck company? We have you covered, too! Grab the perfect USB drives to hand out to your clients to get your name all across town! If you are looking to up your advertising plan, this is the way to go!

Branded jump drives for aviation, railroads and maritime transport

Don't work in a car industry? We STILL have you covered! Get custom shaped plane, train and ship USB drives. Make sure to get your logo and business info printed on them so you can spread your name all throughout the world!

Top Quality USB Drives

Our USB flash drives are created to suit your budget in a quick and cost effective manner. We are industry experts in the supply and creation of budget-friendly, cost effective, top quality school supplies. Personalize your USB drives with your own design or custom shape and choose between plastic, leather, metal or rubberized casing in any capacity to suit your needs, from 64Mb to 128Gb.

Remember - creating custom flash drives with us is easier than ever. Contact our knowledgeable account managers to learn more.

Creating custom USB drives is a lot easier than you think!

Please fill out a very quick form, and we will reply in no time!


Start by sharing what it is you want to create. Short on ideas? Our team can help you generate some!


Our team will create a digital sample with details and specifications, of how we see your custom USB. You be the judge.


We will create a mold and produce your Custom USB Drives. Upon completion of production, the Custom USB Drives will be delivered to you via UPS. Creating custom USB drives is a lot easier than you think!

Please fill out a very quick form, and we will reply in no time!

For almost a decade we have helped customers
create custom USB drives for their events, holidays and to promote their brands

Since we've started, we've also developed a catalog of royalty-free products, which can be further customized with your logo and do not require creation of custom mold. These novelty flash drives are perfect for time and cost sensitive projects.