How It Works


Start by sharing what it is you want to create. No need for complicated blueprints. Just tell us what shape of powerbank you have in mind. Short on ideas? Our team can help you generate some!


Our design team will create a digital sample with details and specifications, of how we see your custom shaped powerbank. Once you approve the design, it'll be submitted into production. By the way, our renderings look like the real thing. You'll be the judge.


Once the order is in production, we will create a mold and produce your custom powerbanks. Upon completion of production, we will inspect and QA the products. Then custom powerbanks will be delivered to you. Shabam! Another happy client!

Creating custom shaped powerbanks is a lot easier than you think!

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Promotional Power Banks just got better!

With the ever changing advancements in technology, everyone carries around some kind of electronic device. These electronic devices need power. Therefor combining your brand with our engineering ability would be an ultimate win. Power banks are a great for promotion your brand. Now we can create custom power banks in any shape from any material. Custom shaped powerbanks are widely used as corporate gifts and will make your company memorable at trade shows. Custom Power banks in shape of mascots can be a great gift for students, or fundraiser events. The list of possibilities of where we can use custom powerbanks is endless.

Add even more value to your power banks with custom printed cable adapters. Our cable adapter accessories allow you to charge Android, IPhones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS devices and handheld game/MP3 players. The zipper and heavy duty cables offer dual adapters for the Android and IPhone 5/6/7/8. The multiple cable adapters have the capability of charging the IPhone4, IPhone5/6/7/8 or Android

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to create a custom shaped powerbanks? All you need is a desire, our Account managers will take care of the rest.
  • How much does it cost to create custom powerbank? With our revolutionized process, the cost is almost the same as printing your logo on standard mobile chargers.
  • What is the turnaround time for custom shaped powerbanks? Your custom power banks will arrive in about 30 days from the order approval. However it could take a little longer for more complicated projects.
  • Can we get them sooner? Depending on the order complexity we can always try to expedite production. Contact your account manager to find out more about rush orders.
  • What is the minimum order quantity? Minimum quantity for custom shaped products is only 100 units.
  • What materials are available for the custom powerbanks? Most common material is PVC. It has soft rubber feeling. We also use silicone, ABS plastic, metal and wood.
  • What are the color options? This is custom product that is created for you from scratch. You can choose any color, size, or shape.
  • How will my logo be printed on the unit? We can print logo on the shell, or make the logo part of the mold.
  • Are they less expensive without logos? When we create custom shaped products, the logo becomes part of the design. Therefore, the price is the same.