Branded USB Flash Drives for Automotive Industry

Custom USB Drives specifically designed for the automotive industry are a sure way to get your company noticed. Branded USB flash drives make a perfect promotional product for car dealers, mechanics, body shops, auto parts stores, car rentals and anyone else in the automotive industry. It doesn't matter what area of the automotive industry you are in - If you don't see a custom shape that fits your needs, we'll make it, just ask!

These custom shaped usb drives are definitely a must have for your marketing plan! We will also preload your drives with any marketing material you need on them. Many clients add sales and pricing sheets, owner manuals, videos, presentations. Or, order them empty to load individual data to each drive for your customers. Contact our expert design team today and we'll create a branded USB solution for your needs.

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Do you need a logo? Or, need an idea for your next project?

If you need a logo for a custom flash drive order, but do not have one yet. Logotech can help - for free!* Regardless of what industry, our team of amazing graphic designers are ready to help. They have the knowledge and experience to not only create a logo for you - but if you need help creating a custom concept - they've got you covered there too! The process is quick and easy. We strive to provide logo designs for your approval within 24 hours.
*Fees may apply for more complex design projects.


Branded USB Drives for Automotive Industry

If you're looking for a more conventional approach to customized USB drives - we have the largest online inventory of standard and novelty USB flash drives. These drives can be imprinted or laser engraved with your logo or slogan. They can also be pre-loaded with you marketing materials ready for distribution.

Branded USB Flash Drives for the Automotive Industry

Do you work in the automotive industry? Whether you work in a dealership, parts store as a mechanic or any other industry related business, these branded drives make perfect promotional items to give to customers with your marketing material, or the customer's information.

Customized Flash Drives for Car Dealers

If you work with a car dealership, a custom flash drive with you dealer's name and logo is a great way for customers to remember you by. Pre-load a custom shaped vehicle USB drive with digital owner's manuals and service coupons. The possibilities are endless.

Personalized drives for anyone in the automotive industry

You don't need to be a car dealer to use these drives. Anyone working in the automotive industry can benefit. Auto parts stores, car rentals, detailing services, body shops and more will all love these!

Only Top Quality USB Drives

Our USB flash drives are manufactured to suit your needs in a budget friendly and cost effective manner. We are the industry experts when it comes to custom USB flash drives and only provide our customer with top quality products. We supply any storage capacity from 128mb to 256gb.

Remember - creating custom flash drives with us is easier than ever. Contact our knowledgeable account managers to learn more.

Creating custom USB drives is a lot easier than you think!

Please fill out a very quick form, and we will reply in no time!


Start by sharing what it is you want to create. Short on ideas? Our team can help you generate some!


Our team will create a digital sample with details and specifications, of how we see your custom USB. You be the judge.


We will create a mold and produce your Custom USB Drives. Upon completion of production, the Custom USB Drives will be delivered to you via UPS. Creating custom USB drives is a lot easier than you think!

Please fill out a very quick form, and we will reply in no time!

Logotech has helped our customers
create USB flash drives for their events, holidays and to promote their brands for over a decade

Over time, we've put together a catalog full of royalty-free products which can be customized with your logo. These do not require custom molds, and are perfect for time and budget sensitive projects.