Why You Should Have An Email List

Mar 17, 2018 in 08:55 PM | Posted By Alexandrea Harrelson
Social Media is great for gaining new and loyal customers and clients. You are able to get right there in front of where people are already hanging out anyways, and show them exactly what they are missing out on. But, have you ever thought about the fact that you are always at the mercy of those big companies. At any second, they could shut down, cancel our profile, shut down our page, and even ban us from ever making another account. It's a horrible thought - especially for those of us who rely so heavily on social media as part of our marketing plan. I feel like many, many people even rely on just ONE platform, such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. While it's great to build your audience and fan pages up, it's also  very important to expand the possibilities - not keep all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.   That's where an email list comes in handy. Not only is this email list a practical and efficient way to get in front of your loyal customers and clients, it's also a resource that nobody can take away from you.   So, why should you have one? What are some of the most convincing reasons as to WHY you need to have, and build, an email list? Here are the top three:  
  1. It's yours...all yours. As mentioned above, an email list (all your subscribers) are yours. Nobody can take it away from you. Nobody can reach in and grab all your contacts and say you can'tsend them emails anymore. This is an invaluable resource that is at the palm of your hand at all times.
  2. Your list already trusts you. How do I know that? Because they've already given you a valuable piece of information - their email address! Since they've already shown that they trust you enough to give you this, they are actually more dedicated and loyal that anyone that just hits like on a post. These people are ready to buy and WANT to be loyal to you!
  3. You still get right in front of them. A lot of people may be hesitant to start building an email list because they think email is outdated, or that people hardly ever check it anymore. Well, that's definitely not true. Email is still one of the best ways to get in touch with people. You are sending them an email that lands right in their inbox. They don'thave to hopefully see it while scrolling through hundreds of others posts...it's right there!
  So, do you have an email list yet? If not, what's stopping you? An email list is the best way to get in front of people€¦.a way that is unbeatable in my book!   If you are struggling with how to start building an email list, there are tons of places online that can help you. Here are a few great tutorials:   https://convertkit.com/grow-email-list-like-saas-company/ https://blog.mailchimp.com/how-to-grow-your-email-lists-in-3-easy-steps/