USB Flash Drives for Real Estate Promotions 

Nov 18, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
USB Flash Drives for Real Estate Promotions 

If your agency or the title company you work with uses e-closing, your client is probably getting a USB drive loaded with their mortgage documents. That drive should go into the safe, but there are other ways to use USB drives to promote your development and sales.

Are you selling into a PUD, condo or townhouse development? USB flash drives loaded with the various floor plans, photos and videos, neighborhood info, available retail space, community demographics, and links to community services will help potential buyers or lessees make their decisions.

After the last document is signed, hand over a custom-shaped USB drive branded with your company logo. That drive can be loaded with information about their home and its systems, their community and their neighborhood. They will be grateful for that information and give them one more reason to recommend you to their network.

There may not be “attic stock” – leftover full paint or stain cans, carpeting, tile, switch plates and outlet covers – sitting in the garage or basement. What if you were able to provide a list of the manufacturers, colors, finishes and sources for those if more are needed – or walls are beat up as they move in?

Product manuals can be an organizational nightmare. The manuals that came with the fridge, stove, dishwasher, hot water heater, furnace, AC compressor, microwave, garage door openers, cabinetry – all the major appliances and home systems – are probably still attached or a kitchen drawer. Most of those are also available online. A list of those products and links to the online version of those manuals will save your buyers aggravation when they can’t find them two years from now.

Just sold a remodel of an older home? Those same lists, if available from the seller, are a godsend for the new owner.

 Also, load a document with links to who they need to call to set up water and trash billing, internet and cable providers for their neighborhood, gas and electric utility companies, city hall, the school district, library and neighborhood or homeowners associations. This small effort will save them time when they don’t have to poke around on the web to find the necessary info or remember where they put paper documents later. 

Ready to wow your clients with custom USB flash drives? Contact us today and ask for a quote. We will help you determine what style will work for your program.

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