USB Business Cards Grow in Popularity

Jun 19, 2019 in 11:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
USB Business Cards Grow in Popularity

Unique, smart business cards pave the way in modern business

USB business cards are whole new idea way of sharing your information with sales leads. These are custom, printed flash drives imprinted just like the card you've always given out. They are often referred to as credit card usb drives.

However, instead of just your name, phone number, email and company logo printed on a card, USB business cards hold data. They are convenient options to get information media, web links, corporate brochures, pricing lists to prospects and business partners. They are unique and convert an ordinary business card into a multi-functional USB flash business card.

Our custom USB business cards are unique to your brand. They look like a normal business card just a little thicker. We can preload data onto the cards or you can tailor the content for whatever event you plan to give them out at.

Once the clients or prospects get to their computers, they'll plug them in and see all the information you want them to have at their fingertips.

You can also have a QR code printed on the card for mobile devices. Once the recipient scans the QR code with a smartphone, the code will take the customer to web page or video and you can track how those are used, too.

The business card USB drive is thin with fine beveled edges making it easy to slip into a wallet. It is light, convenient, and saves paper, too because you no longer have to give your client a stack of brochures or catalogs they are on the USB drive instead.

The USB business card is more than just a trend. It will create buzz when handed out to prospects. They will have a clear understanding of what your company can do for them.

How should you use a USB flash drive business card?


Photographers and artists have quickly adopted this style to showcase their work. The drive can be printed with a photo on the shell and loaded with watermarked photos of their artwork. Clients will love how easy these are to use and take with them.


You probably have both online and print versions of your catalog. Instead of handing out expensive printed copies of your catalog at industry events (or shipping them to the hotel to avoid airline fees), load your catalog onto a business card USB drive. The client or lead is much more likely to use the USB drive to view product (and not just toss the catalog into a stack to ignore).

Product demonstrations and videos

Research shows people learn how to use products faster and better by watching videos. they convey messages in the most personal and efficient manner. When videos are part of your marketing plan and available on your USB drives your product will come to mind faster.

Sale presentations

Presentations from conferences or sales calls can be shared on a USB business card for client review later.

Written and video testimonials

Previous customer testimonials of your products and services increases interest. That content, now on USB, should also link to the company website for inquiries or purchases.

For more information and to request a quote, head over to the business card USB drives page.