Two-Way Radio USB flash drive

Apr 11, 2019 in 09:30 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Two-Way Radio USB flash drive

Two-way radios and mobile radio systems are used all over the place: by public safety, public utilities, and in the commerce and industry sectors.

These are no longer just the walkie-talkies you used in the backyard as kids. These radios provide businesses smart tools for communicating to employees on the floor or in the wild.

There are also many manufacturers and resellers all looking to make their mark in the industry and attract new clients.

While Motorola and Kenwood have the most-popular two-way and digital radios in the industry, there are many up-and-coming makers who offer great technology and acceptable price points.

Custom radio USB flash drives are a smart way to either share how you are using the technology, or helping your potential customers determine which reseller and service provider they will trust. These custom walkie-talkies can be pre-loaded with all information your sales staff needs, or custom information for your clients, too.

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