Promotions Marketing for the Public Safety Industry

Nov 18, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Promotions Marketing for the Public Safety Industry

Police and fire departments, ambulance services, fire suppression and tactical training centers: they all train to use the right tool for the job. By avoiding shortcuts and bad equipment they ensure the safety of private citizens and personnel, too.

When those agencies search for a custom USB flash drive maker to create the right tool for their promotional plans—the perfect custom USB flash drive or other specialty item—they find Logotech.

USB drives for public safety

Some of the best personalized drives we have designed for these agencies are now in a gallery of Custom USB Flash Drives for the Public Safety Industry. We have even more custom drives specialized to the industry on our Blog. These USB flash drives are uniquely able to help promote your organization, its brand and its programs.

Why should you consider personalized USB thumb drives for the Public Safety sector? Because we have seen for ourselves how marketing, recruiting and public awareness campaigns experience success using USB flash drives. 

Don't take our word for it. Check out our Case Studies, too. Their stories show how local and state police agencies, emergency training facilities and investigators use USB flash drives to aid their work.

Many of our public safety partners also purchase 3.0 USB drives. While these drives cost a little more, they save time for departments. How? Because 3.0 drives are 10x's faster than traditional 2.0 USBs. They cut file transfer times in half. Instead of officers or evidence technicians babysitting video and document file uploads for two hours, it is done in half the time. Your department can save money in overtime costs alone.

PopSockets work for messaging

Our public safety customers get more than USB drives from us, too. Many departments love PopSockets for handing out to teens so officers can advertise safety campaigns during prom and homecoming. They are great giveaways for your National Night Out, block parties, and more.

Pillow the blows

We also suggest Custom Pillows. These are easy for officers to keep in their trunks for domestic incidents, fires, and any incident where children may need comfort at a difficult time. You can have them made into a police officer, firefighter, or anything your community would identify with.

Contact us today by phone or via our website. Request a quote for any product you need. Whether you are looking for a custom USB drive of your fire engines or PopSockets to advertise back to school safety — our expert design staff can create the product to target your needs.