Promotional Marketing for the Finance Industry

Feb 18, 2020 in 11:51 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Promotional Marketing for the Finance Industry

The financial services industry has always been experts at using promotional giveaways to attract new clients.

They play a long game. They know a client may not need — or think they need — financial services right now. The right promo product, however, will be there when they are ready to contact a tax preparation service, a financial planner, or a new bank. The right promo swag is used many times before that day. So when the user is ready to find financial planning services, there will not be any doubt in their mind which company to go to.

USB drives for finance

Logotech has many clients across all sectors of the finance industry: tax preparation, accounting, personal financial planning, banking, and many more. Many of them use custom USB flash drives as their go-to promotional giveaway of choice. 

 What do they do with those flash drives? Tax preparers and accountants often load returns onto those drives. It is more cost-effective to place returns on a flash drive, rather than print reams of paper. They are also easy to label and easier to store in a fireproof safe than bulky documents.

Other financial professionals use their custom drives to win new business. They can be preloaded with a prospectus, investment information, sample budgets, and anything they want clients to consider when picking investment and financial management options.

Finance companies love our business card USB drives for their broad surface area and because, again, they are easy to put into a safe without losing them. Standard drives like our metal swivel — among our most popular drives — are also widely sought because they are very affordable.

While we are big fans of custom shaped USB drives, that is not every company's thing. So we have expanded into all promotional items, from water bottles to wireless chargers. No matter what you are looking for to promote your business, we can source it for you.

Mouse pads for finance co's

Mouse pads are a nice option for any company that offers its services at a corporate level. If you often do presentations to offices, looking to offer employees new financial products like life, health or disability insurance, mouse pads are a great purchase.

It is probably the office accessory that stays on desks the longest. When was the last time you swapped yours out?

We have some awesome new options, too. The Wireless Charger Mouse Pad allows users to charge their smartphones. On their mouse pads! 

Gel Mouse Pads are a great option, too. They help reduce stress on the wrist, and a great for designers who are always using the mouse to manipulate images on a screen.

Wireless chargers and power banks for banking

When you are chasing higher-end, personal banking or investment clients, you need to give them a higher-end promotional product.

The hottest high-end giveaways right now are wireless chargers and power banks. We have a wide range of pricing and designs available to help you win and retain those clients.

Logotech now offers Anker and Mophie chargers. Your clients know these brands and will be impressed you do. It instantly shows you care enough about their business to get well-regarded giveaways.

If those are out of your budget, we offer many other styles from well-regarded suppliers.

Webcam covers for business

Good financial professionals also preach safety and security to their customers. That includes being careful with their digital information. Putting their returns into a fireproof safe, being careful where they are buying online, being careful with their passwords, and getting a cover for their laptop webcam.

There are many bad actors on the web, and apps with bad intentions. By putting a cover over your webcam, you help reduce the likelihood that one of those bad actors will gain access to private cameras.

Whatever you are looking for to promote your bank, your insurance company, or your tax service, contact us today. A personal account manager and our designers will create the product you need.