Promotional Marketing for Photographers

Jan 27, 2020 in 12:08 PM | Posted By Janelle W.
Promotional Marketing for Photographers

If you found this post, you are competing for photography clients and are looking for marketing ideas.

We know this: there are more people selling themselves as pro photographers than ever before. 

Decent cameras are more cost-effective than ever. No longer does a photographer have to have a completely outfitted darkroom to compete. Now, a competent eye can buy a good camera, set up a website and get hired.

The right promo product should do more than just be a gift to a current client. Your promotional buy should be on something that will get used and be out in your community.

That said, start your program with USB flash drives.

USB flash drives for promotions

Good photographers also know the era of printed proofs is long gone, and DVDs are no longer the digital storage device of choice. USB flash drives are the most efficient way to hand over proofs to your clients. With your name and logo imprinted on the drive, those who get them will always know how to find you.

What USB flash drive are you buying? Our bulk USB drives are a great way to get drives at affordable prices. 

Many of our photography clients love this oval wood USB drive. They are available in sustainable bamboo and look amazing laser engraved with your logo.

Credit or business card USB drives are another good option. All of our models allow full color printing on one side. This is a great opportunity to put one of your photos on the drive so anyone can see your work. That is the best way to get hired — by people actually seeing what your photos look like.

Check out this previous blog post to find even more ideas for how to use our bulk USB drives to capture more clients. 

We have a gallery of custom shaped USB flash drives for photographers. Custom drives sit out on a desk, not stuffed in a drawer. 

Get your shades on

Promotional marketing for photographers does not stop at USB drives, however. We know there are photographers who do photography for many different clients, too. That is why we have numerous promotional giveaway options for you.

If you go to expos to attract clients, consider sunglasses as your booth giveaway.

Promotional sunglasses are very affordable, and are very desired by attendees. Sunglasses are a step up from brochures and business cards. The recipient will remember you as the photographer who goes the extra step for marketing. In their mind, that means you will also be the photographer who goes the extra step for them.

We have many promotional sunglasses for you to choose from. Pick a style that fits your style and that of the clients you are seeking. Slap sunglasses are great for active people. Bottle opener sunglasses are huge for beach areas. Is your region known for its bike paths or hiking trails? Consider foldable sunglasses that will tuck into a bag when not in use.

Keep clients hydrated

Another great idea is water bottles emblazoned with your logo. You can give these out at consultations with potential clients. Whether they pick you for their event, team, league or corporate needs, they still have that water bottle. A well-designed bottle will be their go-to. When they are talking about photographers with friends and coworkers, you will be the name they remember.

Photo mouse pads

We also suggest mouse pads as a giveaway for clients. Why mouse pads? Imprint them with full-color photos. If you do a substantial amount of corporate photography, that is a great way to ensure that you are the referral customers remember.

Whatever you are thinking about for a promotional giveaway, we can find it for you. Contact us today and ask for a quote for whatever you are looking for!