Promotional Marketing for Education

Dec 02, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Promotional Marketing for Education

Educators love USB flash drives.

They have a use for schools no matter what level of academics. Teachers know a flash drive is a great tool for student work. Or, take it home with them, work on library computers, or hand in their homework.

Those aren't the only ways schools use Logotech products, however.

We've complied Case Studies from some of our education partners, and others, to help other educators and administrators learn how their peers use USB flash drives and other promotional products. 

USB Flash Drives for Educators

We have a southern Great Plains state college which purchases wristband USB flash drives for its international student program. Those drives help the students as they negotiate a new country, finding housing, and all of the other specifics to their program.

A firefighter training program in Canada purchases custom ambulance shaped USB flash drives to recruit students for its program. An urban job training center requires USB drives for its clients to save their resumes on. Other colleges put their academic course catalogs on USB drives to hand out to prospective students. 

Other schools purchase lanyard USB flash drives for all of their students. When students must already wear lanyards with their student IDs, making those lanyards into USB drives means they can always save their work for transferring from school to library to home. USB drives also help reduce the chances of dogs eating homework.

We've created two galleries of custom, 3D USB flash drives to show educators and athletic programs what Logotech can make for them. We've also done many 2D custom drives of school mascots and logos for promoting their programs.

Want to see even more examples of custom USB flash drives for education? Check out the Logotech blog. We have pages of custom drives we've done for programs.

Promotional Marketing for Schools and Colleges

USB drives aren't the only things we sell to colleges, schools and universities, either. A STEM competition in the southwest US uses PopSockets as a reward for students who stay in the program throughout the year. We have schools that purchase water bottlesUSB mini fanspower banks ... and just about any promotional swag they can put the school's name, logo and mascot on to promote its programs and athletics, too.

What else can we do for schools? Don't forget mouse pads. We have mouse pads with calendars — perfect for fast reference for remembering the last day of the semester. Gel pads are great for designers who use their mouse to manipulate images all day long. Wireless charging mouse pads are great for students who are working in the student center who need to charge multiple devices while they do so. 

Doing a college fair at high schools? Water bottles, power banks, mouse pads, sunglasses, socks, webcam covers and anything else we can source with the school logo on it is a great way to attract applicants. 

Ready to promote your school with the coolest promo products available? Contact Logotech today, ask for a quote, and respond to the Thank You email with your logo or custom product idea.