How Does PopSockets Battle Counterfeiters?

Mar 21, 2019 in 05:30 PM | Posted By Janelle Walker
How Does PopSockets Battle Counterfeiters?

PopSockets LLC founder David Barnet is very protective of his invention and patent.

A former college philosophy professor, Barnet invented the PopSocket in 2010 when he was trying to figure out how to keep his earbud cord from tangling. His first iterations stuck out too far from the back of his phone before he came up with the accordion concept – the pop in PopSocket.

He went on to creating a Kickstarter for his idea, and nine years later PopSockets LLC sells millions of the product across the globe.

And with any commercial product’s success comes counterfeiters. It didn’t take long for knockoff versions to start showing up in stores and online marketplaces.

Instead of taking the fakes in stride, Barnet is protecting his invention – and rightfully so. He and his company have gotten virtually all fakes removed from Amazon and other stores. Attorneys are going after companies still infringing on that patent.

In 2018, at the company’s request the International Trade Commission issued one of its rare general exclusion orders. That exclusion order allows US customs agents to confiscate incoming goods infringing the patent – whether they say “PopSockets” or not.

Customers who have ordered from those counterfeiters may never see that product.

That said, there is no comparison between an authentic PopSocket at the knockoffs. The real product is sturdier, less prone to breaking, and is designed to be reused from phone case to phone case for a very long time.

You actually are getting the superior product you are paying for.

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