Koozies Really Keep Drinks Cold on a Hot Day 

Nov 08, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Koozies Really Keep Drinks Cold on a Hot Day 

In 2013, two professors at University of Washington in Seattle published a study. They looked at why more water in the atmosphere may contribute to more intense weather events.

They proved that theory with beer. In humid, hot climates, condensation on a can of beer raises its temperature by 6 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 minutes. Much like hot, wet air hitting cold air, transferring energy to the atmosphere by way of heat, and creating intense storms.

This is also why you should sip your frosty cold beverage — be that beer, water or soda —from a drink sleeve. Also known as a Koozie or a can sleeve. The sleeves don't just insulate the drink and keep it from slipping. Koozies prevent condensation from building up on the can. It is the water evaporation that raises the temperature inside the can. When the drink's temperature rises, it also forces out carbonation inside the can. Making your beer flat. Or soda, whatever. 

Yeah, science!

We have some pretty cool drink sleeves and authentic, original Koozies. Put your branding on a Koozie and keep your client's drinks cool in the summer.

How do you use your can sleeves, and how do you want your customers to use them?

Contact us today about putting your logo on a drink sleeve. You will want them for your company golf outing or picnic, as favors for your wedding or class reunion, or as a fundraiser as part of your tailgating event. Your clients will want them at that winter boat and camping show. They will keep using them all summer long for years.