How To Incorporate USB Drives Into Your 2018 Marketing Plan

May 11, 2018 in 10:26 PM | Posted By Alexandrea Harrelson
Are you ready to make a difference in your marketing and advertising plans in 2018? USB drives aren’t ONLY for holding valuable and precious data - they can also be used as a clever tool for marketing! Showcase your love and how much you value your clients & customers with these unique ideas. Pre-Load Drives With Advertisements. Whether it’s a video of what your company can do for the clients, an elaborate brochure with all of your companies information, or simple text documents with information, this is a fabulous way to market your business. Imagine your clients when they first plug in their USB drive, pull up their finder and see the documents sitting right there on their computer - just waiting to be seen/watched/read!   Embellish The Outside With Your Company Information. USB drives aren’t just about what’s on the inside! They offer a blank slate on the outside, where you can add even more information about your business - including your company name, logo, and even contact information! Companies like Logotech can help you decide what to put on them, and how to make them as practical and “good looking” as possible!   Turn Them Into Custom Objects. Are you a brewery? What about a beer-shaped USB Drive? Love music? Offer a radio-shaped USB Drive! Maybe you work for a bank and need something that showcases how you love saving and handling your clients money. You can get drives shaped like money bags, wallets and even credit card machines!  
  1. Order Dual-Purpose USB Drives. Save yourself money, and still make a huge impression. Order your USB drives in the shape of business cards! By doing this, you can kill two birds with one stone - still get all the information you need to get out there out, and give them a valuable tool they will use time and time again! You can also order USB Drives as pens, multi-purpose tools and bottle cap openers!
  1. Use Them As A Resource To Give Out At Conferences and Job Fairs. At the end of the day, people love free stuff - especially when walking around at conferences and such. When you have your custom USB drives, you’ll not only have a way to market and promote your business, you’ll also have something to give your prospective clients and workers to take home with them!
  There are so many ways you can use USB drives in your marketing plan in 2018. Whether you are wanting something new to give off at your tables and markets, or just want to offer your clients something practical, the opportunities are endless. I hope these ideas have given you a great start for your marketing plan this year!