Going Green: Eco-Friendly USB Drives

Sep 18, 2014 in 02:29 PM | Posted By Nikita Nersesov

Does your company pride itself on being mindful of the environment? Perhaps your target audience cares about recycled products and how things are made. Logotech has the perfect promotional product for your eco-friendly needs.

Recycled USB flash drives are an eco-friendly way to create a lasting impression. They not only look great, but because they are made from post-consumer materials you can feel good about handing them to a prospective client or at a tradeshow. Logotech has eco-friendly USB drives are made from either recycled paper or plastic and can be customized with your logo or any text you choose. Eliminate paper waste and be even more environmentally friendly by uploading your catalogs, marketing materials or other lengthy documents onto the USB drives to give to clients or employees.

Not only are eco-friendly USB drives better for the environment, they leave an important impression with the recipient. Your company’s logo may get better exposure, since the interesting design of an eco-friendly USB can be a conversation starter. It also shows, without you needing to explain, that your company cares about the environment, therefore placing a positive impression about your company in the recipient’s mind from the very first interaction.

Whatever your USB needs, Logotech can help. Contact us today to discuss all the possibilities for your organization.