Gas Cylinder USB Flash Drive

Mar 19, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Gas Cylinder USB Flash Drive

There are many uses – in many industries – for industrial gas tanks. Not to toot our own horn, but there are just as many uses for branded USB drives (see what we did there?)

We’ve done a few custom industrial gas tank USB drives for different parts of the industry. If you distribute industrial gas to clients throughout your state, you’ll want a USB drive to share their information with existing and potential clients. Companies that refurbish and resell gas cylinders can pre-load their USB drives with information on their recycling and maintenance information, too.

These USB drives are a smart leave behind for sales calls and industry events. They can be preloaded with product specs and catalogs to get information into buyers hands quickly, They are also a fun conversation starter to leave on your clients' desk when their clients stop in.

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