Fire Alarm USB flash drive

Jun 10, 2019 in 01:47 PM | Posted By Janelle W.
Fire Alarm USB flash drive

The first fire alarm call boxes used telegraph signals to tell fire departments where to send help. They were on the street, sent Morse code to ticker tape, and gave fire brigades an idea of where they were going but with no idea of the severity of the fire.

Fire Alarm pull boxes – which this USB drive is modeled on – are now a part of our daily lives. Schools, office buildings, movie theaters, medical centers – pretty much any building the public can enter or where groups of people live together – has a fire alarm box ready to bring help. Police alarm boxes are also becoming commonplace to call police to a location – and alert occupants of danger – the same way firefighters are.

We have created custom drives for fire departments, fire schools, fire safety and security companies. A custom drive alerts your clients, public and customers that you are always there, ready to not only prevent but respond to emergencies. Load the drives with information clients need, including contact information, product specs, class catalogs, and videos of your product at work.

We can create a custom USB drive to alert your clients and leads to how you can help them in their time of need. Visit our page, fill out a quick form and our account managers will help you determine the best custom drive for your industry.