Cargo Ship USB Flash Drive

Jul 04, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Cargo Ship USB Flash Drive Ever seen a cargo ship USB flash drive? We've built it! Shipping is responsible for 90 percent of trade around the world. With the current trade climate, ensuring your company is using the best logistics provider to get your product into stores and to consumers is more important than ever. Everyone wants to shave off as much overhead as possible while knowing their product will arrive in port intact and on time. Step up your marketing campaign with a custom USB flash drive of your cargo ship. We can imprint not only your contact information on the drives, but like we did for this customer an idea of which companies they work with. Ready to give your clients marketing merchandise they will actually use? Visit our custom shaped flash drives page, fill out a quick quote, and our design staff will create the perfect drive to propel your marketing plans forward.