Airplane Power Bank

May 13, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Airplane Power Bank

One place a power bank comes in handy is the airport.

My power bank is a lifeline during delays – which seems like every flight I ever take. Like millions of others every day, I end up completely killing my phone battery surfing the web while I wait. And while, yes, some planes now offer at-your-seat charging ports and airports have charging stations – those are never as convenient as a power bank.

Become your clients' hero by giving them a custom-designed power bank. They are easy to throw in a carry-on or personal item (ie laptop case) to have in case of emergencies. When they pull that charger out, your design and logo will be seen by every other person waiting on that flight. They may even ask your client how and where they got that nifty charger and how can they get one, too.

Ready to power up your marketing campaign with an airplane-shaped power bank like this clients, or in whatever shape your company is known for? Visit our custom shaped power banks page, fill out a quick quote, and our expert design team will help design the charger that will recharge your promotions.