5 Tricky Tips to Build Stand-out Brand

Dec 18, 2015 in 12:29 AM | Posted By Vitaly Balakhonov
Building your brand is like growing a plant. First you plant the seed, taking care to help it grow and reach towards the sun. The problem that your plant will run into is that it never grows alone and always competes with the nearest plants – just like your brand compeats with your competitors on the market. grow your brand So how do you grow it properly? How do you promote your brand well enough to get better results than your competitors? The answer is proper promotion and good collaboration with your customers. Here are a few things that will help your plant grow faster than the others.

1.  Stop selling product. Sell value.

Today’s top brands don’t rely purely on selling well crafted products. They’re looking to develop emotional connections through their projects. People don’t want to buy running shoes anymore. They’re looking to buy that winner’s feeling and connection to the great athletes. That’s why Nike has armies of admirers all over the world. If you figure out how to deliver strong values and feelings to your potential customers, they’ll be customers for life.

2. Get noticed.

  Studies shows people see hundreds of brands each day. Hundreds! Most of them get forgotten just a few seconds after being seen. There’s a huge need for brands to be noticed, recognized and remembered, that’s why you need to be creative and stand out from the crowd. Remember “Think different!” is the way to your brand’s success.

3. Use new channels.

When it comes to growing your business, you will probably look around and check out what your competitors are doing and follow their lead. That may be a good way to start your business but here’s the reality - you have little to no chance to overcome your competitors and build a bigger company. This means you should be constantly searching to breathe fresh air into your brand. Look for new spaces for your logo, new ways to contact your customer, new messages to get your brand across. Try it and you’ll find the key to keep your brand at the front of your customers’ minds.

4. Get closer to your customer.

Think of your company not like a goods selling organization, but like an experience delivery service. Your brand is much more than your logo, merchandise, or products. It is about the experiences customers have with your business. This is not only the visual elements of your brand, but it also includes what you do, how you do it, what your customer interactions are and what they feel during interactions with your company. This will allow you to achieve new horizons for your company’s inner culture as well as promoting a memorable brand.

5. Make little presents.

Why do people love the holidays? Presents, of course! We like to get them, and we appreciate those who put thought into what we would like. Even little things matter, and memories are created by the joy a thoughtful present can make. So be proactive and give some little, useful thing to your current and future customers. They’ll be happy with the attention, and they’ll be likely to share the good feeling with their families and friends ;) custom usb How does it all sound to you? Makes sense, right? Here’s an idea on how to combine all five of these tips into one initiative. Put your logo on a useful, high tech device, such as a USB, and send it to your customers/prospects. Enjoy growing your business with the help of Logotech.