5 Clever Ways To Market Your Business

Feb 26, 2018 in 10:54 PM | Posted By Alexandrea Harrelson

Are you having a difficult time marketing your company? Are you looking for a fresh perspective and new and unique ideas for 2018? If so, then you’re in luck! Today we are talking about 5 CLEVER and exciting ways to market your business in way that is memorable and totally unique to your business.

  1. Use Custom USB Drives. Now, isn’t that a unique idea?! By using USB drives, you are in front of people daily, whether they are at work, at school or on the run. When you use a company like LogoTech, you can even get your logo, business name or other information printed on the drive so that everything is in the palm of their hands. LogoTech can even make custom-shaped USB drives so that they are even more memorable than just any old flash drive!

  2. Send personalized greetings. When you send a personalized card to your customer or client, you are going a step above and beyond, showing them that you care. You’re creating a personal connection that’s unbreakable, reminding them of your business even after their order has been completed and creating a lifelong (hopefully!) bond.

  3. Run a giveaway. People love free stuff! When you offer free stuff, the consumer will share it with their friends so that they can also enter to win, getting your company and products in front of more eyes. By offering a giveaway on your website, you are not only getting your company's products into the hands of a prospective client, you’re also getting in front of their friends - which widens the range of prospective clients. Remember, when a customer shares a product with their friends, the conversion rate is a LOT higher than if you just share it with people that aren’t familiar with your business yet.

  4. Partner with another company. We don’t want to put ourselves in a position where we are promoting our competitors. However, partnering with our competitors can be of benefit to your growing business! Whether it’s an email that you share highlighting their business or social media posts, having a partnership allows you to get your business in front of a larger audience. On top of that, the audience you are getting in front of is one that is already interested in your niche products, so they are more likely to become quality customers.

  5. Start a referral program. Again, people love free stuff. There’s a reason why so many companies have referral program. Get $5 if your friend buy something at this company? Hey, that’s easy money! Doing this for your business is an excellent way to get in front of people that you normally wouldn’t be marketing to. Since it’s their friend (instead of you- the company) sharing the product/services, the conversion rate will be a lot higher.

So, how are you going to start marketing your business a little different in this new year? Whether you are looking to offer some Custom USB Drives, or just start a giveaway, I hope this list helps you decide the best way to market and network in a unique way!