3D Robot USB Flash Drive

Mar 28, 2019 in 02:00 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
3D Robot USB Flash Drive

Our client had an idea. Their software has a robot icon on its screen. How cute would it be, they thought, if that icon could become a custom shaped USB for an upcoming conference. It would not only be different from every other USB on the trade show floor, it would help clients instantly recognize who that drive came from and what they would find inside.

Once they presented their idea to us, we were able to come up with several iterations for them, including one of just the robot’s head and one with a silver body. But our expert designers were able to come up with a whole body for the little guy – and in the company’s colors with its logo on it, too.

Whether you have a fraction of an idea – 12 percent of a plan – or a full-fledged blueprint of what it is you want, our designers can work with you. We can help you not only find the perfect custom shape, but make sure your customers know who that came from by fully incorporating your branding into the design.

Ready to Get Noticed with an attention-getting custom USB drive? Contact us today and ask for a quote and our design team will help create it.