10 Cool Flash Drives You’ve Never Seen Before

Feb 13, 2019 in 02:29 PM | Posted By Janelle Walker

In our ever-increasing technological world companies are competing to create unique branding setting them apart from their competition, like the cool flash drives featured in this article.

Customized (and super cool) USB flash drives are taking up a peak position. Go beyond your usual limits with these cool flash drives, personalized beyond your imagination. They still offer the same services as our customary USB flash drives – quality construction and large memory options – but, they are also super unique and cool!

1. Ruler USB flash drive

Ruler Shaped USB Flash Drive

Ruler USB flash drives are one of the best drives for education. Shaped (and accurately measured) into an indispensable tool, these flash drives are perfect for school PTO events, fundraisers and back-to-school institute days. We can print your school name, mascot and logo directly on the USB drives for your school, curriculum or educational program to Get Noticed!

2. Ambulance USB flash drive

Ambulance USB Flash Drive

Ambulance USB flash drives emphasize the importance of hospitals, first responders and emergency medical centers. Public safety professionals order this cool flash drive as gifts to clients and as a marketing strategy for their services, or preloaded with training materials. The design can be as creative as you want – add your department’s shield or your transport service’s contact phone number onto the drive.

3. ATM shaped USB flash drive

ATM Machine USB Flash Drive

ATM shaped USB flash drives are suitable for every industry associated with ATMs and making money. Whether in the banking sector, finance industry, tax preparation or personal financial management this ATM shaped USB Flash drive is a cool piece of branding for your company. We can customize these with your company’s name, website, and phone number to give to customers and leads.

4. Piggy-bank shaped USB flash drive

Piggy Bank USB Flash Drive

Piggy-bank shaped USB flash drives will showcase your company’s competence in keeping your client’s money safe. They are popular for (and cool to get from) banks, personal finance counselors, and tax preparation services. Or, consider giving these to new parents worried about saving for their and their children’s future.

5. First aid kit USB flash drive

First Aid Kit USB Drive

First aid kit USB flash drives tell your clients are are ready and waiting to help them. What cool message can you send with a first aid kit? They are important to have at home and even if you don’t want to use them knowing it is there creates peace of mind. Whether you are marketing a doctors office, a pharmacy or in a hospital, these first-aid kit USB drives are the perfect patient or client gift.

6. Toyota Camry shaped USB flash drive

Toyota Camry USB Flash Drive

A Toyota Camry shaped USB Flash drive is the perfect promotional item for dealers, detailers and anyone in the automotive industry to give clients or distribute at events and expos. Whether you have a booth at the Chicago Auto Show or fabricate custom parts for clients, the super cool Toyota Camry USB Flash drive advertises elegance to your clients. Customize these drives with your graphics, logo, or any text you desire – as well as preload any of your marketing material including documents, music or videos. Contact us today to learn more, get a quote and get started.

7. Police SUV shaped USB flash drive

Police SUV USB Flash Drive

Police SUV shaped USB flash drives are popular in the public safety industry. Promote your agency by uploading custom information on the USB flash drive to get your program information to the public. Great to hand out at community policing events, National Night Out, to your CERT team, to anyone else officers and staff meet. We’ve even made a super-cool version where the car’s lights actually work, too.

8. Band-aid shaped USB flash drive

Bandaid USB Flash Drive

Band-aid shaped USB flash drives are a cool idea for medical professionals to give their patients to show affection and care. Drug stores, pharmacists, hospitals and clinic can all benefit from these drives, but they also can be used for many more industries. Do you fix computers or mobile tech? Your customers will remember who treats them the best when you get your logo or and contact information name printed on these USB drives.

9. Graduation Hat USB flash drive

Graduation Cap USB Flash Drive

A Graduation Hat USB flash drive is a cool gift and promotional swag for recent graduates. Running a recruitment program? Hand out these mortarboard flash drives to prospects, loaded with information about your company, its benefits program, and why they should work there. Offer financial counselling services? Recent graduates with student loan debt would love these flash drives loaded with information about how to file their taxes and figure out how to budget once they get their first job.

10. Bitcoin USB flash drive

Bitcoin USB Flash Drive

Bitcoin USB flash drives tell customers not only are you up on the newest trends, you also know that technology and cryptocurrency is the wave of the future. With Bitcoin being a fast-rising electronic venture, branding in this form is sure to yield a lot. Do you accept Bitcoin for payments? Let your clients know you are cool like that by giving them a USB flash drive that says so and includes your physical contact information, too.


Have an interesting idea for your own custom shaped USB flash drive? Our expert design team can make any idea come to life. If you would like to learn more about creating custom shaped USB flash drives, please visit: https://www.logotech.com/custom-usb-drives.html/